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"I will never compromise who I am, what I am, & what I stand for in order to please those who condone fakery, flakery, & fuckery! I will always be me regardless of who accepts it or who doesn't."

​--ProTéGé (aka The Real ProTéGé)

​​​​"Unlike MOST RAPPERS, I actually rap about MY LIFE, and MY EXPERIENCES, plus IM not AFRAID to SMILE, have a GOOD TIME, BE MYSELF, and keep things AUTHENTIC!"

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ProTéGé (aka The Real ProTéGé) has a music style all his own. Blending life, fun, lyricism, & struggle into his music has enabled him to not only have his own sound, but also represent himself as a true student of hip-hop. One listen to his music, & you are sure to become a fan.