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ProTéGé was born in Las Vegas, Nevada. Growing up, he was exposed to many different genres of music, but took an extreme love & passion towards hip-hop music, which later in life lead him down the path to creating his very own music. Since his first recording session in 2001, he has since released several indie albums & ​mixtapes (which can be downloaded at the links below) through both iTunes & Datpiff.com. He is currently hard at work on bringing visuals to his previously recorded projects, as well as new material that's being recorded now. Although things appear to be on the upswing for him now, they haven't always been that way. Through near death, homelessness, joblessness, & depression, ProTéGé has overcome the odds through the love of GOD, family, & his music to become who he is today. His story is unlike any other artist out there today. With so much of the same ol' same in music nowadays, ProTéGé is definitely a much needed breath of fresh air to the music scene. Mixing real emotions, with outstanding production choices has made ProTéGé a force to be reckoned with.